Where Data Becomes Leverage!

Data is New Oil. And We have the Tools.

Core Team with 20+ years experience in Data Science, IT & Marketing.


Team has worked across wide technologies and humongous Big Data with biggest Tech, Ecommerce,, Fintech, Retail Companies

Fully Focused on the Data Engineering/ Data Science niche in India, MENA and US markets

We Talk With Data

We Make Your Data Talk To You

#Customized Business Intelligence

  • Single Version of Truth
  • Latest Update Info
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • No Data Engineers needed

We Find Profitable Customers

#Customer Value Growth & Analytics

  • Hyper Personalization
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Focused Communication
  • Retention and Growth
  • WhatsApp Chatbots

We Can Be Part Of Your Data Team

  • Optimization of Data Pipeline or Server Cost
  • Outsourced Data Engineering Team
  • Consulting on Infra, Architeture, Pipeline or Adhoc Projects


dAnalytx is a core mix of Data Scientists, CTOs & Marketing Experts with background in leading Ecom, Cloud Service, Banking, Insurance & Retail in India, US and ME. Ex-Amazon, Jabong, Reliance, GroupOn, Voonik, HCL, Max Newyork

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